Probiotic Whey




Whey is made by straining yogurt through cheesecloth. The solids that remain inside the cloth are termed “Greek” yogurt, and the clear liquid that drains out is whey. Whey is a wonderful tonic and electrolyte drink. It is very rich in minerals and contains the same probiotic bacteria as the yogurt does.

  • It can be flavored, drank plain, or used as the base of your favorite smoothie or shake. It is not a viable source of protein.
  • If you fancy fermented products, whey can be used as a starter for yogurt, sauerkraut, fizzy drinks, and much more.
  • One of Michelle’s favorite recipes uses whey to soak oatmeal overnight in a water/whey bath. This increases digestibility of the oatmeal and makes it deliciously soft!
  • One customer uses the whey for a meat marinade/tenderizer.
  • And if all else fails, dogs absolutely adore the whey as a splash in their water or to moisten their food.

MC Probiotic Whey is offered in a 32oz. Quart size for $5. Alternately, spend $20 with us, and receive a complementary whey!

To receive your complementary whey while reserving your order, please add this to your basket then add the coupon “freewhey”.


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