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Greek Yogurt

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Our Greek-style yogurt isn't made like any other yogurt on the market.  Our hand crafted process sets us apart from other yogurts on the markets.  First we start with the best TX milk we can find, process that milk low and slow in a traditional foods manner, and then add tried and true traditional yogurt cultures.  The resulting product is what we call our Signature/Drinkable yogurt.  Greek takes it a step further by straining through cheesecloth.  The process takes from 24-48 hours depending on the flavor!  We let gravity do the work on this one, and there's no rushing the process, so there's zero mechanical taste in your yogurt.  Removing the whey from the Signature/Drinkable yogurt makes our Greek thick, creamy, unique, and delicious.  It also means that our Greek yogurt is higher in protein and lower in lactose (plus carbs!) than Signature Drinkable yogurt. It's creamy-­thick spoonable consistency makes Greek a customer favorite. Read more about Greek Yogurt.

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Signature/Drinkable Yogurt

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When yogurt is made using traditional preparation techniques, it naturally sets on the thinner side. This is why we term our Drinkable Yogurt “Signature”. The Plain Signature is the base from which all of our yogurt products are made. Read more about Signature

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