Our Team

Mother Culture TeamMother Culture was born out of necessity in a home kitchen when one Mom needed a healthy solution for a beloved child. As the need for that yogurt grew, the expansion began with one Texas Farmers Market and then another. Word spread quickly about our quality and the product continued to speak for itself!

One mom friend was brought on as a part-time employee and then growth continued as the demand for our exceptional product took us out of a home and into a small dairy production facility.

We’ve continued our journey into the Texas Farmers Market and tummies of Central texans. We have hand-picked our team of people from a variety of backgrounds who all share a common belief in local, nourishing, organic food as close to the source as possible. Even our cows have names! Our CEO and Kitchen Manager work closely with our expert salespeople to keep a pulse on what is in seasonal demand.

When you stop in at one of our booths at a Texas Farmers Market, we understand that this interaction is your experience with our company. We take that first or 50th impression seriously. We are the face of what we stand for whether you’re a first-time buyer or die-hard customer. If you pick us up at a retail establishment you can be certain our relationship, beginning with the owners and ending with our delivery personnel, is well maintained and always friendly.

Our products are the result of several years of collaboration with local farmers, co-ops, and markets. As we work to build lasting community ties with like-minded and food-oriented people, we invite you to direct questions to anyone you see wearing our logo or any of our online or social media platforms. We love talking about what we do, who we are and how our products fit into our lives!