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Signature Plain Yogurt Nutrition FactsGreek Plain Yogurt Nutrition Facts

What is the difference between yogurt and kefir?
While both are fermented foods that carry tremendous health benefits the primary difference is the culture used and the fermentation time. We use different strains of bacteria for both products, kefir being the more potent of the two. Both of our products begin with locally sourced grass fed raw milk which is heated using different methods and the naturally occurring lactose sugar in the milk work as a team to wake up our cultures. Kefir is simply fermented at a lower temperature for a longer time period than yogurt, ensuring that the lactose is consumed resulting in a nearly lactose free product (which also makes your lips pucker!). We also do not add exciting flavors such as fruit or organic sweeteners to our kefir so it has a tart flavor similar to plain yogurt or buttermilk. One of our favorite ways to enjoy this product is to make a 50/50 mix with one of our signature yogurts in a drinking glass. This means you’re getting a two-for-one probiotic drink with the beneficial bacteria from both products!

What is the shelf-life of my product?
Since our products are all different there are different expectations that go along with their longevity. Here is what you can expect:

Greek: 3 Weeks
Plain Signature Drinkable: 6 Weeks
Flavored Signature Drinkable: 3 Weeks
Kefir: 2 Weeks
Probiotic Whey: 10 Days
Cream Cheese: 3 Weeks
Savory Dip: 3 Weeks

Why full fat?
We’re big believers in the idea that our bodies need healthy fat in order to achieve optimal function. Anything we eat is converted into fuel by our bodies. Nutrient rich fat is the most effective source of fuel for our bodies. Recent studies http://time.com/4279538/low-fat-milk-vs-whole-milk/  have found that people who consume whole fat dairy as opposed to low fat or fat free dairy over a long period of time had a lower risk of diabetes and obesity – something we’ve believed in the whole time! For more information on this concept, you can check out http://www.westonaprice.org/ one of our favorites!

How is our product different than the organic stuff I can buy at the store?
Most commercially produced yogurt, even the organic varieties, are pasteurized (or heated) to the point that the lactase enzymes are reduced to nothing. That means that while there might not be things like growth hormones or antibiotics present in the milk all the other good stuff is essentially zapped out. Then it’s heated during fermentation. Lots of times it’s pasteurized again just for good measure. Live cultures cannot survive. Add in thickening agents like cornstarch or other emulsifiers and next thing you know it’s not even recognizable as the beneficial cultured food you thought you were paying for. This can be disheartening. Our product is the opposite. We use a low-temperature pasteurization that gently heats our milk in order to activate the live cultures. While you can certainly find grass-fed, organic, low temp vat pasteurized yogurt in many higher end specialty retailers they are not from TX! Our source of milk, honey, savory ingredients are all local!  

Can you ship your product to me?
At this time we do offer shipping to TX-only addresses.  Please place an order on our website and comment in the notes that you would like your order shipped.  Cold shipping cost runs about $20 a shipment, so we ask that your order contain a minimum of $50 worth of product.  

Where can I purchase your product midweek?

CLICK HERE for more information.

Farm Connection (Boerne and San Antonio locations)
Cross Plants and Produce
Farmhouse Delivery
Wheatsville Food Co-Op
Whole Foods Lamar
Whole Foods Quarry
Whole Foods Vineyard
Pax Coffee & Goods
Zoe’s Marketplace (North Star Sports)
Local Health Market 

Can I freeze your products?
Absolutely! Make our Signature Drinkables into popsicles, enjoy our greek blends as an ice cream substitute and freeze our whey in ice cubes to add as needed to smoothies, shakes or meals!  Simply defrost the Greek in the refrigerator. Many customers stock up on their favorite flavor and freeze when we make it so that they can enjoy even in off-seasons/weeks.

Can I find out what flavors you’ll be offering ahead of time?
Absolutely! We post our weekly offerings on Mondays here on our website and on Wednesdays to our Facebook and Instagram page! You can also utilize our handy reservation system and pick up and pay for your order when you arrive!

Is this pasteurized?
Our products begin as whole, unhomogenized raw milk and are pasteurized only once BEFORE the fermentation process utilizing a low and gentle heating process similar to that of a double boiler. We never employ flash pasteurization in any process at any time. The end product is teeming with beneficial bacteria and is arguably more healthful than the product we began with. It should be enjoyed as part of a balanced diet that also includes raw milk from a clean source.

I am lactose intolerant, can I consume your yogurt?
Lactose intolerance is a medically diagnosed condition in which the body no longer produces the lactase enzyme required to comfortably digest dairy. If you are familiar with the Lactaid product, you will see that the active ingredient is this enzyme. Mother Culture Greek yogurt is low in lactose and many customers are able to consume it without discomfort. Our plain kefir, while tart, will train your body to once again produce this enzyme on it’s own due to the 24-hour fermentation process in which all of the lactose is consumed. The kefir is most easily tolerated by those who are lactose sensitive because of the quantity of probiotic strains found in the kefir.  We always recommend someone trying to heal their tolerance starts with 2-4oz. Of our kefir per day until body is accustomed to the new bacteria.  

What cultures do you use in your product?
Streptococcus thermophilus; Lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp. bulgaricus; Lactobacillus acidophilus; Bifidobacterium lactis

Are all your ingredients organic?
Our commitment is first to pesticide-free local products, then to certified organic non-local.
Locally sourced milk:  While the milk we use is not certified organic, it comes from local Jersey cattle who graze on pesticide-free grass and pesticide-free hay. It is not pasteurized, homogenized, or otherwise when we receive it. Mother Culture tests all milk received for antibiotic residue.
Flavor sources:  We follow the “clean 15” rule (https://www.ewg.org/foodnews/clean_fifteen_list.php). All of our berries are certified organic  and locally sourced when possible. Our peaches and cherries, coconut, chocolate, pumpkin, and coconut milk are always organic. Our citrus yogurts are flavored with organic essential oils that go through a rigorous pesticide-free certification. The cane sugar and maple syrup used is also certified organic. Honey is locally sourced and raw.

Can I get your product in sizes other than 8 or 16 oz. containers?
We have access to 8, 16, and 32 ounce containers. Unfortunately we cannot accept packaging provided from customers to be filled in our production facility. To place a special sizing order, please email Michelle at motherculturesa@gmail.com.