About Our Yogurt


Grass Fed Yogurt Brand

Mother Culture™ brand yogurt uses the finest available ingredients known to our area.  

We prioritize the quality assurance of our yogurt in this order:

1.  We first use farm-raised, pesticide-free and chemical-free ingredients local to San Antonio.

2.  When we cannot source locally, we use certified organic ingredients.

As always, we utilize traditional cooking practices that allow the yogurt to be delicious AND minimally processed. These are the values that keep Mother Culture yogurt unlike any other yogurt you’ve tasted!


Here at Mother Culture™, we make 2 kinds of yogurt.  The first we coin “Signature Yogurt” and the second is the familiar “Greek-style” Yogurt.
signature -The word “Signature” refers to the classic process in which this type is made.  When yogurt is made in a traditional fashion and with probiotic cultures, it naturally sets or gels on the thinner side.  This is the least processed of our yogurts.  It’s simply bottled straight from the vat or mixed with fresh fruit and then packaged.  Many customers have termed this yogurt “drinkable yogurt” as it pours out easily from a spout.  This yogurt is a great base for your shake or smoothie.  It also works as a convenient on-the-go yogurt snack or meal replacement. Browse our yummy signature flavors.

greek -

When our Signature Yogurt is strained through cheesecloth, the result is the familiar, thick Greek-style yogurt.  Over the course of 1-2 days, whey drips from this cheesecloth, resulting in a product that lusciously thick.  Our creamy-rich Greek-style yogurt will have you swooning with just one bite!  It makes for a hearty breakfast, snack, or dessert replacement. Browse our yummy greek-style flavors.